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Sunday, July 23, 2017

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Steps the FBI must take to remedy Misinformation Campaign about Arabs and Muslims

"...there must be an acknowledgment of the wrong that was done to our communities and to our country's ability to respectfully engage with Arabs and Muslims. This is vital to our future as Americans and to our ability to develop the ties that will be needed to foster trust and understanding."


Arab Peace Initiative: 10 Years Later

"While the newly declared state of Israel complained that no Arabs would recognize them, the Arabs countered that the core of the problem was the West's and the Zionist movement's failure to recognize Palestinian rights. Like other victims of settler colonialism, the Arabs remained steadfast in maintaining the illegitimacy of the new state that had displaced the indigenous people of Palestine. And so the conflict continued and only intensified, in 1967, when Israel occupied the whole of Palestine."


Will a zionist fifth column commandeer Canada's left-wing party?

"The most disquieting aspect of this exchange, though, was not the lame answers I got, but the fact that this person is intelligent and has had at least a basic education in the Middle East. He is not your typical hasbarat from whom one would expect anodyne clichés and cognitive denials."


NYPD: Shredding the Constitution

"It is worrisome that in the post-9/11 era the challenge to constitutional rights has all too often been met with silence—because it was Arabs and Muslims who were the targets. What we have failed to recognize is that if the rights to assemble, to speak freely, to be secure from unwarranted search, to due process, and more are put at risk by the NYPD and CIA in New York, then these rights may ultimately be threatened for all Americans."


Stopping Syria's Descent into Hell

"Those who suggest providing more arms to the opposition have failed to answer the fundamental questions: arms to whom; and toward what end? Assistant Secretary of State Jeffery Feltman in his testimony before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee last week called this “pouring fuel onto a conflagration,” warning of predictable and deadly results. Allies and suppliers of the regime must also be called to account. Syria has "crossed the Rubicon" and a little (or a lot more) repression will not restore "the old order.” More support for the regime only contributes further to the death of the country and its people."


Netanyahu Visits a Different Washington, He Hopes

"Israel's supporters have been fuming over the White House's recent efforts to pour cold water on their threats of war. Netanyahu is particularly upset with warnings by senior Administration officials regarding the potentially devastating consequences of a military strike against Iran or concerns raised by U.S. military officials about the effectiveness of an Israeli attack. They want a clear message of support from the President for their push to end diplomacy, isolate, and then punish Iran. They want Obama to embrace the "red lines" they have drawn up regarding Iran's nuclear program and to join them in ratcheting up the rhetoric against Iran. And they do not want any reminders from Obama of the matter they are working hard to forget. They do not want criticism of Israel's ever expanding settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, or of demolitions of Palestinian homes and new repression in the occupied lands—all of which have intensified in recent weeks (almost as a "dare" to the U.S. President)."


Romney and GOP in Trouble

"What the Tea Party and the religious right want is a candidate who is ideologically "pure" (and they believe Romney is not), while what the GOP leadership wants is a candidate who can win control of the White House and not hurt the party's chances to take control of both Houses of Congress (and they believe none of the other candidates are able to accomplish either objective). And so what I have called the "fratricidal embarrassment" continues. It was on display during Wednesday's televised Republican debate as the candidates focused their nasty attacks more on each other than on President Obama."


WTFN--Oscar Preview 2012

"If you condone Israeli vigilantism, you condone criminal behaviour. But because Vogel was a Nazi, he is placed beyond the moral law, and so it is easy for us to subvert our respect for the law and endorse whatever is done to him and at the same time endorse the Israeli mindset." -- Miriam Kale


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