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Sunday, July 23, 2017

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Seven Myths Hindering Peace in Darfur

"International perceptions of the dynamics of the Darfur conflict, if based on ideas of marginalisation, will jar at least in part with reality. It should also be self-evident that claims of genocide and ethnic cleansing are very serious allegations which can have equally serious consequences. They must be taken seriously and carefully evaluated."


The Darfur Road-map, Sudan and the Future

"Criticism of the Sudanese government must be measured and properly focused. Knee-jerk responses by the international community to sensationalist and often questionable claims about Darfur serve only to enflame an already tense situation, endanger the Naivasha peace process and slow Sudan's re-engagement with the West."


Spin Doctoring Will Not Take the Sting Out of Israeli Apartheid

"Far from being a democracy, Israel has veiled its racist character by determining three classes of citizenship: Class A reserved for Jews, Class B for non-Jews and Class C for “present-absentees.”"


Perception vs. Reality of JIA

"The Muslim media has, in fact, miserably failed to present the reality to the American public in particular. The results is that Polls in Time and Newsweek show that more than 70 percent of the American public supports Israeli atrocities, and newspaper editorials mostly blame the Palestinian side for all the troubles."


"Anti-Semitism": The new McCarthyism

"The reality is that Israel has been cleansing all of Palestine of its indigenous population, which is the real genocide in this region. But for die-hard Zionists, Israel can never do any wrong and any criticism or negative characterization of its belligerence or oppression is immediately called "anti-Semitic."


An Open Letter to the American People

"Policy errors during the occupation and reconstruction of Iraq have created a situation in Iraq worse than it needed to be."


"Who Needs a Jewish State?" - Inquiring Minds want to Know

"...I am flabbergasted that this degree of racism is sanctioned by the guardians of democracy in the 21st century."


Access to Darfur Contradicts US "Genocide" Claims

"The dangers of crying wolf on such issues are all too clear. The cynical use of allegations of genocide or ethnic cleansing for propaganda reasons is morally repugnant."


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