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Sunday, July 23, 2017

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Pity the Orphan

"Even if Mahmoud Abbas wanted to disarm Hamas, he would be unable to. His weak position, combined with the weakness of his Fatah movement makes such a measure impossible."


God Bless Canada!

"Canadians must think hard when voting. The nation has been prospering without Harper's policies and it has avoided at least one pointless war. In politics, you have to pick your battles carefully because no one party can represent all the issues about which you care. Peace and civility and dedication to broad human rights are priceless and may well be put at risk with a Harper majority."


Lack of voice

"Israel defines itself not as a country of its citizens but of “Jewish people everywhere”. No other country defines itself as a country for members of a particular religion (including converts) regardless of where they live. No other country has supranational entities that have authority superceding state authority and native people rights. The net result is that land was historically taken and continues to be taken from native Christians and Muslims and turned over for Jewish settlement."


With Friends like these...

The picture that emerges for the American public is that Israel and the Jews dominate Washington and that the US government dances to their tune.


Capital's Punishment

"The American political scene is approaching the conditions of a mental health crisis center, its subjects babbling in tongues and communicating with imaginary beings. Disregarding reality can seem a sensible defensive response on the part of the citizenry, but there's no escaping a situation edging closer to mass lunacy."


"The Main Thing is to Have No Fear!"

"People in love with ambiguity will vote for Sharon. But a large part of the public, especially in the center, is longing for bold leadership with a clear message. Here - and only here! - lies Peretz's big chance."


Is George Bush a Mad Emperor?

President George W. Bush took the country into the Iraqi War based on a policy of lies. It has cost the lives of an estimated 30,000 to 100,000 Iraqis. Since 2001, Bush has ordered the National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on the American people under the guise of catching terrorists. He arrogantly ignored a secret court, the FISA Court, which was set up for that purpose. Bush acts like a mad Roman emperor; he’s as whacky as a Caligula or a Nero.


The Pied Piper

"Not the talking is important, but the actions. In dealing with Sharon, one should not listen to his words but pay close attention to his hands. And what his hands do may be quite different from what innocent Leftists may imagine, those that are marching now with eyes closed behind the man with the magic flute."


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