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Sunday, July 23, 2017

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Green Party's Kevin Zeese Has New Approach

On Dec. 14, 2005, the Green Party candidate for the U.S. Senate in MD, Kevin Zeese, ripped into President Bush calling his Annapolis speech, “filled with lies!” He also demanded the U.S. get out of Iraq and admit it’s a “failed policy.” He labeled the Military-Industrial Complex, the “greatest threat to our country.” Zeese also wants a “Single Payer” health care system, a “share the wealth” economy and a fair and balanced Middle East policy.


The Curse of the Gods

"...Sharon uses Peres as bait to lure fish from the Labor party, but would not dream of putting him on his list of party candidates for the Knesset. That would have repelled a lot of Likud members from joining him. It is doubtful whether he will really honor his promise to Peres to give him a respectable job if he wins the elections - perhaps the post of President, after Katzav finishes his term."


Torture and White Phosphorus

"I wonder what was going on when a Canadian citizen whose plane made a stopover in the U.S. was removed, imprisoned, and denied his rights? He happened to be a dual citizen with the country of his birth, Syria, so instead of sending him where his wife, children, and home were in Canada and where he repeatedly asked to be returned, he was deported to Syria for a year of (totally predictable) brutal imprisonment and torture."


Saddam on trial: small fry face justice of sorts as big fish go scott-free

"The unfortunate reality is that Saddam is being tried not for reasons of justice, or to uncover the extent of his crimes, but to provide a gloss of legitimacy for the US’s occupation of Iraq and the political order it is establishing there to defend its interests in the post-Saddam period."


The Giant's Daughter

"For 33 years now, there have been no problems on our border with Syria, in spite of the unresolved conflict over the Golan. Who knows what will happen if Syria falls prey to anarchy? OK, that's no problem for America. But it certainly is for us."


Self-determination not "self-governance" will bring peace between India and Pakistan

"The people of Kashmir hope that the Commonwealth can help India and Pakistan to transform the Kashmir dispute from being a bone of contention to a bridge of understanding for a lasting peace in South Asia."


Two Earthquakes

"An earthquake causes changes on the ground, but is itself caused by forces deep in the earth. This is true in political life, too: the changes hidden in the depths of public consciousness eventually result in changes that are visible to the eye. The outcome is quick and sudden, but it results from a long, slow subterranean process. I am proud of the role that I and my partners have had in this."


Legal Crimes

"Democracy and law may someday be synonyms, but presently, they are more often antonyms. Laws are made primarily by and for the powerful, in order to govern and control the powerless. Principled concern over who serves on the court is understandable, and even necessary. But it should be second to a primary concern over whose interests the court really serves."


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