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Sunday, July 23, 2017

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Are Israel's values Canada's values?

"Paul Martin's well-intended (but misguided) warm, fuzzy statement about shared values between Canada and Israel comes up very short on substance."


There's Got To Be A Better Way To Run A Country

"Think about a system where those who make the laws really understand what it is like to live under those laws. Imagine what it would be like to have a president who actually understood what working for a living was like. Maybe there is no better preparation for the Office of President than having been hungry. Many citizens of the U.S. have experienced severe food shortages but, because of the stigma of poverty, it is a hidden problem. The president and the legislators should have life experiences that would help make them empathetic to the average citizen."


Plucking the Daisy

"No one seeing what is actually going on in the occupied Palestinian territories can really believe that Sharon is on the march towards peace. Fortunately for themselves, the Leftists are blissfully ignorant."


Should the Irish be Trusting the Brits?

"The Irish people want peace, with justice, in the Brit-occupied Six Counties of N. Ireland. This is why, in 1998, they voted for the “Good Friday Agreement” (GFA), a formula for power sharing. At an Irish peace forum on 11/18/05, at Georgetown U., panelists debated the GFA. They all seem to agree the now-suspended Six County “Assembly,” had to be restored in order to make any additional progress. However, many other issues, like building trust, remain."


A Great Miracle

"This is a well-known phenomenon in many countries: the most discriminated class of the ruling nation provides the most radical enemies of national minorities and foreigners in general. Those who are trampled-upon trample those beneath them. After being robbed of their self-esteem, they can regain some self-respect only by belonging to a "master race". Thus the poor whites in the United States. The same in France."


Neocon Conspiracy against the Muslim World

"Giddy with excitement to expedite Fukuyama’s flawed “clash of civilizations,” the neocon organizers of the JS have also been reaching out to non-Muslim countries, especially the bigoted elements with records of deep intolerance against their Muslim minorities. Seemingly, all this is good for Israel. America controls the world, and Likudnik neocons control America!"


Vatican's Hatred Stands Exposed

"The Vatican would do a favor to humanity if it could please stop associating Muslim’s guilt with their religion. In fact, Church has more to hide or repent of than any other people or institution in the history of the world. However, no one blames the Church’s faith for its crimes."


Israel as an Extension of American Empire

"Israel provided key support for the US in Iraq, including the construction of mock Iraqi neighborhoods and villages in the Negev where American troops could train. The American military government in Iraq, the "Civil Administration," was patterned after the Israeli Civil Administration that rules the Occupied Territories. Israeli involvement in the defense-related economies in the districts of most members of Congress explains to a great degree why Israel enjoys the uncritical support it does. The Israeli astronaut who died in the Challenger accident testifies to the intimate involvement of Israel in the most guarded parts of the American military, where even European countries are excluded. In fact, Israel has just taken delivery of advanced F-16s and helicopter gunships that have been denied Europe."


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