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Sunday, July 23, 2017

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A Day to Memorize

"A fabulous nation on the world Atlas, the people of Pakistan celebrate the 56th daylight of their freedom from the alien domination today?Thursday, August the 14th, of-course with a renewed pledge to take the fascinating and sanctified soils of Pakistan to the zeniths of progress n? prosperity with the ambiance of peace?all-over."


When horror strikes

"A few days, a month tops, may be all that is needed for Ghisab Nasasreh's wounds to heal. However, his five-year-old nephew, Azzam will no doubt need a considerably longer amount of time to recuperate from the horror of watching two Israeli settlers from Itamar beat his uncle before his eyes."


Road Map Reflections

"With the resumption of violence yesterday, it seems the right time for
reflection and thought about where we are and we should be. The Road Map
for Peace is as everyone knows, a very problematic document - it has
more questions than answers, and is full of contradictions and


Dishonest and Hypocritical: Museveni on Sudan

"For the last 17 years, parts of northern Uganda, predominantly those inhabited by the Acholi ethnic community within Gulu, Kitgum, and Pader districts, have been caught up in a devastating rebellion fought between the so-called Lords Resistance Army (LRA) - led by former Catholic catechist Joseph Kony - and the Museveni government and the Ugandan army (the Ugandan People's Defence Force or UPDF)."


Mr. President: You didn't "Tear Down the Wall" - At least "Tear down Pipes' Recess Nomination

"By what logic and rationale would you consider appointing a prolific writer of hate and bigotry, Daniel Pipes, a paid assassin against Islam, people of color, and academic freedom to the taxpayer funded "U.S. Institute of Peace"? Obviously, this is not an informed decision but a lobbied decision."


Right Assessment, wrong conclusions.

Unlike most of its anchor columnists, doing incorrect assessments to reach wrong conclusions, the New York Times editorial writers usually do correct assessments only to reach the same wrong conclusions.


The Pakistani Narrative

"Where are you from, " Vasu asked and then himself responded "India." I corrected him. A smile erupted on his face, he stood up and walked over from behind his desk. It was an extended handshake. In a voice quivering with emotion the elderly security guard at the Asia Center reception whispered "Oh then you are a special friend. Pakistan has always helped us."


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